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We deliver IT solutions for: virtualization, cloud, information integrity & data protection, application availability, data replication, fast & efficient disaster recovery, information security and IT Systems & Services management. 


We enable enterprises and organizations to address effectively their ever changing business needs through effective information systems, to reduce costs and become more competitive. Our customers achieve peace of mind and are able to conduct their "Business As Usual" despite unexpected human errors, malfunctions or disasters. 


Reference client sites include institutions and companies with activities in diverse fields such as telecommunications, IT, financial services/banking, publishing/media, manufacturing, retailing, education/research and government.


We help organizations address effectively business and IT challenges such as:


• Consolidating and virtualizing to reduce OpEx, CapEx and vastly improve quality of IT operations.

• Enabling employees to be productive from anywhere, anytime.

• Adapting to the needs of shrinking or expanding workforce.

• IT & process re-engineering, especially needed after a merger or acquisition.

• Expanding operations e.g., by setting up a new subsidiary or branch office.

• Increasing business continuity and resilience.

• Complying with industry and/or governmental regulations.

• Maximizing the benefits of outsourcing or offshoring.

• Improving the security of information systems.

• Freeing up resources by spending less time and money on IT infrastructure.


We design and deliver powerful IT solutions along with a suite of services, custom-designed to fit the needs of a specific environment.  Sample solution areas include the following:


IT Managed Support Services – You can leverage the benefits of today’s technology deployed by the largest organizations, without having to struggle with lack of resources, escalating costs and the complexity of IT. Our managed services offerings are designed to deliver to you the IT support services you really need, along with ITSM functionality as a service if necessary,  all at a fixed, monthly cost.


Application Virtualization – Give your employees access to the applications and data they need to be productive, no matter where they are.


Server Virtualization – Capitalize on the cost, management and continuity advantages of virtualizing your servers with access to technology from the biggest names in the game.


Storage Virtualization – Let us show you how you can expand your storage capacity, spend less on buying disks and save time and resources so that you can focus instead on information management and analysis.


Information Security – In today’s world, information security has become a critical facet of business planning. The protection of the organization’s data, applications, processes, the employee productivity and external reputation all rely on trusted, vigilant security. Our security solution portfolio is designed to let our client’s management team rest easier at night.


Network Communications – Networking processes and communications are an essential element of today’s networked society. These services tap into the technical expertise and business understanding of our network engineering talent to develop and maintain state of the art networks, tailored made to virtualized and cloud computing architectures.


Thin Client Computing and virtual desktops  – For many years fat clients/ PCs dominated on desktops; this has led to serious overspending. High-touch, high-risk and quickly outdated fat clients are becoming obsolete. We can help you design and deploy a scalable, cost-efficient solution for your organization suitable for today’s mobile work force.

Everything is connected. Pressure to innovate comes from everywhere. To lead your organization into the future, you need a partner who shares your vision. Performance is working with IT leaders and promotes the new and emerging technologies that are changing the game.


Transform your enterprise with the most comprehensive cloud computing solutions in the industry.

Converged Infrastructure

Overcome the inflexibility and high costs of IT sprawl; shift resources to innovation and strategic initiatives.


An end-to-end approach spanning IT security and operations, to application, endpoint and network security.

Big Data

Make better enterprise decisions with insight, intuition, and ideas, and begin to harness the power of your information.