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Business Process Management


IBM Business Process Manager provides you with the simplicity, efficiency, visibility and collaboration needed to manage your highly dynamic and networked business environment. This IBM solution features a simpler ready-to-use and easier-to- customize user experience and streamlined installation. It is simplicity with sophistication that enables all people in the process to participate more easily. This IBM solution features built-in process monitoring and analytics and easier access to process metrics, helping to enable the optimization of processes through simulations and comparisons. IBM BPM provides one of the market-leading process visibilities. More easily access and prioritize tasks with this IBM platform’s more efficient user-task management capability, which can enable users to obtain the right information at the right time, based on their roles. Built-in process coaching is designed to more effectively guide users through the steps of the process. In addition, the integrated, model-driven environment fosters greater business and IT collaboration, as everyone can see the same process version. With the improved visibility into process environments and versions, you can better manage change with confidence.



IBM Business Process Manager is a more comprehensive, fully interoperable and consumable BPM for SOA and non-SOA environments that provides extensive visibility and management of your business applications. This IBM solution includes tooling and run time to model, assemble, deliver and manage your business processes. With IBM Business Process Manager, you can support full BPM governance, while enabling deployment and change-management capabilities that span the entire process life cycle.


Achieve real business value

With IBM Business Process Manager, you can expect to achieve real business value, such as reduced time, effort and risk; smarter working and becoming more competitive.

Why IBM for BPM

IBM has the winning combination of one of the market-leading products; industry accelerators and tested methodologies. In addition, the expertise and service of Performance Technologies’ professionals can help achieve success with a BPM project. With IBM services, you can take full advantage of tested practices and prescriptive approaches to help realize value faster, foster BPM adoption and create transformational impact. IBM BPM is especially designed to excel in integrating role-based design time experience. This IBM solution also helps enable asset sharing and versioning, by way of its unified repository—helping you to manage changes to your business with confidence.


Performance Technologies offers a Pilot service approach that can help you more effectively achieve success in your first project and more quickly realize business value. Use a tested, more affordable approach to build confidence and jumpstart the enablement of your team.


Businesses nowadays are seeking ways to drive measured growth, while meeting rising customer expectations. At the same time, IT departments require the ability to deliver greater flexibility to the business, while managing costs. These needs are converging and persuading people at organizations toward a process inflection point that is driving a need for a single BPM platform. With Performance Technologies expertise and the IBM BPM solution, these requirements can now be addressed.


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