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Enterprise Asset Management


IBM® Maximo® Asset Management solution in conjunction with Performance Technologies’ expertize on the field, can provide your enterprise with a comprehensive answer for physical asset management. This flexible solution provides a unified, service oriented architecture (SOA) platform that delivers asset lifecycle and maintenance management from end-to-end across the enterprise. With customizable options for automation and user assistance, IBM Maximo Asset Management can help you exploit new efficiencies and maximize asset value while cutting management costs.



In practice, IBM Maximo Asset Management facilitates the development of a coordinated program for preventive, predictive, routine, and unplanned maintenance. Advanced scheduling functionality allows deployment of personnel with the appropriate skills at the right time and for the right job. It helps ensure compliance with contracts, service level agreements, internal standards, and government regulations. Additional high-value functions include inventory, procurement, warranty management, vendor management, parts management and supply chain logistics.


IBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials can also deliver basic asset and work management features at a lower cost for smaller organizations or departmental clients with limited number of users



  • Track and manage asset deployment, specifications, conditions, calibration, costing from a single system.
  • Ease the integration and administration of intelligent (IT connected) physical assets such as self-reporting pumps and meters
  • Manage maintenance with comprehensive maintenance work management for planned and unplanned activities including long- and short-term planning, preventive, reactive and condition-based maintenance, schedule management, resource optimization and key performance indicators.
  • Plan inventory to meet maintenance demand accurately, making the right parts available at the right location when needed.
  • Manage vendor contracts with comprehensive contract management support for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, rate, master, blanket and user-defined contracts.
  • Define service offerings and establish service level agreements (SLAs) to help align service levels with business objectives.
  • Automate process workflows to quickly and accurately enforce business-critical policies. It includes automated, preconfigured, and customizable process workflows for asset and work management processes, including industry specific process templates.



IBM Maximo Asset Management can help your company/organization to:

  • Improve asset visibility—increase awareness of asset locations, conditions and commitments.
  • Reduce planned and unplanned asset downtime.
  • Maximize asset productivity.
  • Improve service planning and scheduling.
  • Reduce risk of business disruption.
  • Retain and exploit asset management records for general reporting, cost justification, and regulatory compliance.
  • Improve capacity planning and forecasting.
  • Defer or avoid capital expenditures through increased efficiency.
  • Support safety initiatives.
  • Eliminate the license and administrative costs for multiple “point products.”
  • Integrate physical asset management into a growing family of whole-business visibility, control and automation options from IBM.
  • Metrics/Statistics achieved by Maximo EAM Customers:


  • Labor Utilization UP 10-20%
  • Asset Utilization UP 3-5%
  • Equipment purchases DOWN 3-5%
  • Warranty recoveries UP 10-50%
  • Inventory needs DOWN 20-30%
  • Inventory carrying costs DOWN 5-20%
  • Material costs REDUCED 5-10%
  • Purchasing labor REDUCED 10-50%


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